Wednesday April 9th, 2014

Carrefour connects its hypermarket of the Qwartz shopping mall

On Wednesday 9th April, Carrefour opened their inaugural connected store located in the Qwartz shopping mall. They realised that to meet the expectations of its customers the retailer must bet on innovation.

Eric Bourgeois, Executive Director of Carrefour hypermarkets, told that “this store has been thought of with [their] customers”. Sylvain Belkhiter, the Store Manager, adds “we looked at what was most common from the surveys. The notion of being connected is something which is looked for more and more.”

To adapt itself to these hyperconnected consumers, Carrefour installed several innovations in store:

- “Mobile mirror”: In the clothing shelf, there is a screen used as a connected mirror. When the customer tries on clothes, they can see themselves in 360 degrees image and can share the look on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail. A concept which reminds us of an initiative by Morgan’s. In 2012, the brand installed a Tweet Mirror in its store situated on Avenue des Champs-Elysées (Paris, France). The wow effect is guaranteed!

- NFC: 55,000 products are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) labels

- Indoor Geolocation: thanks to these connected labels, customers can locate products which are within the 11,300 square meters store. They simply have to connect to the “C-où “mobile application, available on Android and iOS.

- The “C-où”mobile application : developed by Carrefour, the application “C-où” allows you to make a shopping list, to scan a product for more information, to get promotions or to list the ingredients of a recipe.

- Mobile recharging: conscious of the placement of the mobile in the path to purchase, the retailer invites its customers to recharge their mobile phone near the fruits and vegetables shelf where several external batteries are made available.

The strength of the device is the inter-connection created between the various technologies. By equipping the indoor geolocation with NFC and with the “C-où” mobile application, Carrefour is allowing their customers access to a real path to purchase to help them save a considerable time while shopping.  

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